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T+49: Week 1 of Outpatient and the Counts Keep Rising!

Mom’s white counts yesterday were 2,660!  The normal white count range begins at 4000–the counts are nearly doubling every day at this point.  They can slow, and they can go down, but at the moment, things with that are good. … Continue reading

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T+43: Released! to the Hackerman-Palz Family Pavillion

51 LONG days after entering Johns Hopkins, my Mom has been released to IPOP (outpatient care).  For at least the next two weeks she has to be at the IPOP clinic daily, so they are staying at the Hackerman house, … Continue reading

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T+41: The One Where a Rash Has Me Jumping for Joy!

It worked.  IT WORKED!!! This morning there were 160 white cells, over 100 neutrophils and my Mom broke out in a red, itchy rash all over her body.  YES!!!  She has Graft vs Host!  It WORKED!!!   My marrow is in … Continue reading

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T+36: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”

Today there are 71 white blood cells! And at the advice of the staff, a little boy got to see his Grammy. We wait, we give thanks, we continue to cry out the desires of our heart.

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T+35: Where there was sorrow at night, but joy came in the morning

Yesterday the doctors came into Mom’s room to report that the transplant didn’t take.  We were devastated.  They said they were awaiting the results of further testing to come up with “Plan B”.  It was the worst day ever. This … Continue reading

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T+30: Where some things are better, and some things remain the same

After 3 weeks of not being able to go in, I finally got to see Mom today!  Although we are still  nowhere with her counts, I know a few things are better, and for these we are grateful: The mucositis … Continue reading

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